NOTICE: Casino

Date: February 14 & 15, 2019
at Fort Road Casino

Please contact Nicole Daley to Volunteer



Rating Change for the 2019 year
Brianna Davis rating 2
Angie Pappas rating 2
Cayden Tanghe rating 2


Big news!!!

12 Class Incentive

  1. Maximum of 7 Teams. 5 Teams which can be a maximum rating of 21. After the 6th team, the 7th team must be an Incentive Team that can be no greater than 12.
  2. The “incentive” is not a class. They are an incentive run within a class. They are pick teams. The “incentive” is an additional fee on top of the class entry fee, to be paid out to the “incentive” teams only. If you place in the Incentive, the payout is based solely on the incentive pot amount. However, an incentive team may also place in the class, meaning you could receive a payout in both the class and incentive.
  3. Create a “handicap” based on a ½ (half) second off the run time based on the team combined rating. The Open/12 Incentive class offers a handicaped based on a max team rating of three #7 riders for a total of 21. Each team entered calculates their handicap based on 21, minus their team rating total. For example, a combined team rating of 5 (21-5=16/2=8 Seconds – Best possible handicap) would have 8 seconds taken off their time. This applies to all teams entered in this class. Another Example (21-14=6/2= 3 second).


    Sorting Class: 4 teams per person allowed throughout the year     including finals

Schedule for 2019!
May 4 & 5 Creekland
May 25 & 26 Teepee
June 22 & 23 Creekland
July 12, 13 & 14 Teepee
(July 12 will be the Sorting Class Time TBA)
Aug 17 & 18 Creekland

Aug 31 & Sept 1 Teepee


The Alberta Cattlemens Penning & Sorting Association has been established to promote and develop the sport of Team Cattle Penning. Alberta Cattlemens supports the view that Team penning is a sport for young and old, male and female, families and individuals. The Alberta Cattlemens Penning & Sorting Association primary mission is to promote a pastime that fosters family involvement while setting high standards for professional conduct, a fair playing field and good sportsmanship in the spirit of fun and competition.

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